Read My Lesbian Erotica “Changing Room” On The New Sunsette App

Changing Room is a college first-time lesbian erotica. The new girl gets very close, very sweaty and very squirmy up against the lockers in this encounter with an older, more experienced girl who definitely knows how to get what she wants…

OK guys, I know I’ve made a lot of posts this week, but this is exciting news. I made an announcement in December that my lesbian erotica, “Changing Room”, was going to be live and exclusive to Sunsette. Unfortunately, due to circumstances beyond their control, Sunsette couldn’t launch when they intended and that was a shame.

Well, they’re now ready to go! At this stage, they can only go live on Apple iOS – the app will be available to download from Tuesday (and I’ll make an announcement when Sunsette lets me know it’s gone live). They’re working on making the stories available to Android users too, but that’s going to come later.

Anyway, bla bla bla, my lesbian story is apparently going to be the first one! On Sunday 27th Jan (yes, a week from tomorrow), they’re going to publish “Changing Room” on the app, and you’ll need to already be subscribed in order to get to read it. There will then be 4 new stories, all sex positive (though not all lesbian erotica), all hot and explicit, every week.

To find out more about Sunsette, visit their site.

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