Erotica I’ve Masturbated Over: “Sex Magick” by Lascivious Lucy

Erotica Themes: occult, witchcraft, heterosexual, masturbation, exhibitionism, orgy

Reading Time: ~5 – 10 mins

Author: Lascivious Lucy

Link: Sex Magick on Lucy’s blog

I have to admit, I was rubbing myself through the crotch of my jeans almost right from the start of this scene, which takes place in a break from Lucy’s supernatural Egyptology serial, “Victoria’s Mummy” (which I’ll be linking to in the near future). The action focuses on Julia as she attends her first meeting with a coven that practices sex magic. The things she first sees, and then takes part in, are hot as hell, but it’s how open and comfortably sexual everyone is that really gives this scene its impact. I love the way Julia starts out nervous but then quickly allows herself to be drawn into the orgy that ensues.

On a quick related note, I once knew a grey witch who told me a few stories about the coven she had been involved with. The scene Lucy (who is also a practising witch!) describes in so much squirmy detail is apparently not a million miles away from the truth for those that practice sex magic…


2 thoughts on “Erotica I’ve Masturbated Over: “Sex Magick” by Lascivious Lucy

  1. I’m so pleased you found something to your taste after I signposted you to Lucy’s serial ‘Victoria’s Mummy’ – she is a very clever storyteller of the ‘squirmy in your seat’ variety!! xx

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