Free Lesbian Erotica: Mentor Meeting Part 2

lingerie-3326083_1280This is the second part of “Mentor Meeting”. If you haven’t already read it, I suggest you start with Mentor Meeting Part 1.

Reading time: approx. 2-5 mins

“Wait, let’s go back to my place.” Georgina’s words didn’t match her actions. Her fingers dug into the flesh of my ass, her other hand moving to the front of her dress, helping me with the buttons at her throat.

I shook my head. “No.” The simple refusal seemed more appropriate right now. I didn’t want to make excuses, I wanted to lay her over the desk.

“Someone might catch us. It would be embarrassing for me, but you’d probably lose your job. If ever Denis Ridge found us like this…”

I ignored her, spreading my legs and bending at the knees as I put more of my weight on her. The buttons on the front of her dress were too close together, it felt like they were endless and my fingers weren’t working like they should. I’d only exposed her throat, but I couldn’t wait any longer. I leaned in and put my mouth to the base of her neck, listening to her moan as I gently nipped and licked at the sensitive flesh.

“Sienna, I don’t want to get you in trouble.”

“I don’t care,” I whispered, my words muffled against her. “Denis Ridge can hardly take the moral high ground. He’s been trying to catch a glimpse down my blouse for months.”

“He’s married!”

I shrugged. “Men.”

My skirt went loose as Georgina’s fingers found the zipper and lowered it. I felt it slide down my waist, catching at my hips, and her hand eagerly delved inside, tickling bare flesh at my lower back and moving down past my thong, over my naked ass, settling in the heat between my legs. I paused my movements at her throat, mewling with need, but she didn’t stroke me.

“Please…” I whispered, tilting my head back to look into her face. “I’ve wanted this for ages.”

She shook her head. “This is so unprofessional.”

I groaned with frustration and grabbed the two sides of her dress, pulling apart and sending the next three buttons pinging against her computer screen and the desk. “Oops…” I bit my bottom lip, keeping my eyes on hers as I traced ticklish fingertips down her clavicle, over her chest, through her wide cleavage to where a single freckle sat just left of centre. “So beautiful. No bra?” I raised my eyebrows. “How risque…”

“That wasn’t very sensible.” Her voice was breathy, quivering. “How am I supposed to explain those missing buttons?”

“We can sneak out naked. It will be fun.”

She rolled her eyes. “Whatever should I do with you, Sienna?”

I tried to fight the grin, but lost. Bracing myself against her shoulders, I swung one leg over and lowered myself onto her lap, letting the loose skirt ride up around my hips. Then I took her wrist and guided her hand between my legs, setting it against the wet crotch of my thong.

“Whatever you want, Georgina.”

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