Free Lesbian Erotica: The Queen’s Chambers Part 3

Queens Chambers 3.jpg

The Queen’s Chambers was written as a sequel to my short story, “Egyptology“. It now forms a small part of my book, “The Queen’s Chambers“, available from Amazon (and free in Kindle Unlimited).

You can also read an excerpt from “The Queen’s Chambers”.

The Queen's Chambers eBook Cover


If you’re looking for more free lesbian erotica, I’ve indexed all the free lesbian stories on my blog. Otherwise you could check out my list of 14 places to find free lesbian erotica!

This part of The Queen’s Chambers was written for Masturbation Monday Week 235. Head over to the Masturbation Monday page for more erotica, sexy blog posts and erotic images.


Also entered into Wicked Wednesday #353. Head over to the Wicked Wednesday page for even more fun!

Wicked Wednesday... a place to be wickedly sexy or sexily wicked

8 thoughts on “Free Lesbian Erotica: The Queen’s Chambers Part 3

    • Thanks Kayla, your approval means a lot 🙂 Since I’m not in the lifestyle, this is going to remain very gentle D/S and I hope it comes across as at least somewhat believable. I wanted to establish consent between them, even though there’s an obvious power imbalance.

    • Thank you so much! They are a fun pair to write, there’s obviously a lot of affection there which I always like. The final part of “The Queen’s Chambers” will be released next week, but that’s not the end of the story for these two…

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