Lesbian Erotica I’ve Masturbated Over: “Panties Pitch” by Dominée LePen

Themes: lesbian, oral, cunnilingus, stripping, fingering, public sex

Reading Time: ~5 – 10 mins

Author: Dominée LePen

Link: “Panties Pitch” on Literotica

I inhale and hold my breath as I slide off my slippers and wiggle out of my pants. She looks at me expectantly, and I turn in a slow circle.

“They look great,” she says, “let me feel the fabric.”

Without waiting for a response, she steps forward and places her hand on my ass, pinching and squeezing.

I exhale as my nipples stand visible erect, poking my shirt.

Her product is a pair of panties that never betray a VPL. But when she pitches the idea to a bored female exec, she realises it needs to be a lot more hands on to get any attention…

I had a few minutes to spare today so I decided to have a quick browse of the lesbian erotica over on literotica, and came across this really fun little gem. I loved the idea here, a product pitch to a bored exec that turns into a much more “hands on” experience for both participants. What follows is a quick one-handed read as both women enjoy each other in a bathroom stall, with of course the added kink of potentially being discovered. I especially enjoyed the moment the narrator has the panties in question stuffed in her mouth to muffle her moans!

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