Erotica I’ve Masturbated Over: “Monday Morning Delirium” by Jupiter Grant

Themes: heterosexual, masturbation, exhibitionism, orgasm denial, PIV sex, dirty talk

Reading Time: ~10 – 20 mins

Author: Jupiter Grant

Link: Monday Morning Delirium on Jupiter’s Lair

“I want to watch you masturbate,” he whispered into my ear, his warm lips glancing against the lobe before teasing it with his tongue and nipping sensuously with his teeth.

My nipples hardened immediately, and I could feel the hot blush rise in my cheeks. He pressed a kiss to the tip of my nose, before taking a couple of steps back and perching on the end of the mattress.

“Pull down your panties,” he directed, with a playful, cheeky smile. “Slowly.”

A dull Monday morning becomes an opportunity for some playtime for this loving couple.

Oh, this was a glorious read. If you’re anything like me you’ll thoroughly enjoy yourself as you read this erotica. There are a lot of little details to draw you into the scene and really make it come alive inside your head. Which means you get to be a fly on the wall while the unnamed narrator first masturbates for her lover and then gets a good pounding. I love the naughtiness of doing this early morning, while the rest of the household is still asleep. That touch of danger adds to what’s already a seriously hot idea of masturbating for an audience. Very nicely done!

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