Erotica I’ve Masturbated Over: “Mirror of Truth” by Deviant Succubus

Do you enjoy being watched playing with yourself?


Erotica Themes: heterosexual, BDSM, stripping, masturbation, humiliation

Reading Time: ~5 – 15 mins

Author: Deviant Succubus on Twitter

Link: Mirror of Truth on Deviant Succubus’ blog

I opened my bra at the back and slowly pulled the straps over my shoulders, the brush of the fabric creating prickly goosebumps on my naked skin. I watched myself removing the cups of the bra. I looked at myself. My full breasts free, my nipples hard.

A submissive woman is encouraged to strip and then masturbate for her master, all the while watching herself in a full length mirror.

I really like the idea of being watched. Stripping, playing. The thought is a massive turn on. For me, that’s what this story is about, and I enjoyed every minute of it. Imagining myself in the position of the unnamed narrator, removing items of clothing, then touching myself, licking my fingers, and finally masturbating for both of our enjoyment.

But it’s the nature of fiction I guess that different people take different things from a story – and that’s absolutely fine! Others in the comments on this one have mentioned humiliation, and even though I didn’t see that until I looked back on it, I can see where they’re coming from.

Either way, I really enjoyed myself with this story, and I think you will too!

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4 thoughts on “Erotica I’ve Masturbated Over: “Mirror of Truth” by Deviant Succubus

  1. I am glad you loved it as much as I did! It’s not surprising that you had a different take on the story than others did, I think that’s one of the aspects I particularly like about reading other people’s erotica – getting into their fantasies and their heads.

    I love this feature you do and reading what you’ve plucked from stories I’ve enjoyed and trying out stories which you recommend.

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