Free Erotica: Caught Part 3

man-2495356_640This is Part 3 of an ongoing story. If you haven’t read the rest of “Caught” I suggest you start with Caught Part 1ย andย Part 2.

I let out a long sigh as my fingers finally ran along the length of my shaft, stimulating the sensitive nerves as I watched Coren tossing himself off. Fuck, it felt good. The head of my cock was swollen and I squeezed it gently between my thumb and forefinger, moaning and half closing my eyes as the blood was forced back.

“Feels good, right?” Coren grinned, teeth showing, then raised his arms above his head, leaned back and stretched under the running water.

I nodded. “I can’t believe we’re doing this.”

“Are you kidding, man? I can’t believe we haven’t done this before!”

Coren laughed, abdominal muscles straining, tensing, making sharp angles over his skin. I didn’t even bother hiding my interest any more. I watched, mouth slightly agape as the water splashed and sputtered against his naked flesh, steam lazily drifting around his body. I stroked myself as I watched, my erection so painfully coiled inside my pants that I groaned and gritted my teeth, but didn’t want to stop.

“Why don’t you take your clothes off, Ed? It’s not like you’ve got anything I haven’t seen before.”

I didn’t respond straight away. I mean, he was right. If we were in the locker room at the gym I wouldn’t think twice about stripping down in front of him. Of course, I wouldn’t have a raging hard-on, but then neither would he.


He laughed. “That’s a yes, man, just go for it.” He made a cross over his chest as he said, “I swear this stays between us.”

What could I do? I wanted to be naked. I wanted to have the room to just masturbate while I watched him. And the idea ofย him watchingย me… well, Jesus Christ, that made my heart flutter and my stomach clench. It terrified me and I wanted it more than I wanted my next breath.

Barely able to believe what I was doing, I unbuttoned my pants, then lowered the zipper. Coren didn’t look away, but he didn’t stare either. He just watched with interest. As I pulled down my pants, I found myself still trying to shift my body in such a way that it would hide my embarrassment. Was I really such a prude? I’d never thought so before. With a deep breath, I forced myself to stand up straight, my boxers tenting over my cock, rubbing against the head and sending a burst of sensation up my spine, right into my brain.

“Hey, you’ve got nothing to be embarrassed about there,” Coren said, grinning. “You’re hung.”

I smiled and shrugged, not sure what I could say to that. Should I return the compliment? No, that would just be awkward. “Thanks,” I said, then hooked my thumbs under the waistband of my shorts and slipped them down fast before I lost my nerve.

Coren licked his lips, then started stroking himself again with one hand, while his back moved up and down against the shower wall, his other hand hooked over the glass above his head. He didn’t look away from me. He gazed at my cock and slowly licked his lips as his hand moved up and down his shaft.

Nervously, I reached down and slipped my hand over my cock, drawing in a sharp breath as it jumped up in response. I swear I was never this hard with women. Never this sensitive to every touch, every breeze through the open door.

“Ed, man, this water feels fantastic,” Coren said, leaning his head back and letting the warm water fill his mouth, then spitting it out. “Stay there if you want, but there is enough space in here for two.”

(Read Part 4 of Caught)

This part was written for Masturbation Monday Week 187. Head over there for more stories, blogs and photos to help you get off!


22 thoughts on “Free Erotica: Caught Part 3

  1. Oh I will have to go back and read the other parts to this now – so hot and the descriptions were fab ๐Ÿ˜‰

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